Committee Members

The NHDOT, MaineDOT and FHWA have formed two Advisory Committees that are assisting them throughout the entire design-build process.

Public Outreach Advisory Committee

The formation of this Public Outreach Advisory Committee is a required element of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) among the FHWA, MaineDOT, NHDOT, the NH State Historic Preservation office (NHSHPO), and the Maine State Historic Preservation Office (MESHPO).

This committee is meant to assist in facilitating events and communication concerning construction-based impacts on the economic vitality of the downtown businesses and cultural events in both Kittery and Portsmouth, during the replacement of the National Register-eligible Memorial Bridge.

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA) requires Federal agencies to take into account the effects of their undertakings on historic properties and provide mitigation measures, if practicable. This committee is made up of local experts from the community to assist in addressing these Section 106 matters.


Keith Cota, NHDOT, Chief Project Manager
Jennifer Zorn, McFarland Johnson, Public Outreach Coordinator


Scott Bogle
Rockingham County Planning Commission

David Walker
Rockingham County Planning Commission

Nancy Carmer
City of Portsmouth

Doug Bates
Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce

Valerie Rochon
Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce

Richard Candee
Portsmouth Historical Society

Maryellen Burke
Portsmouth Historical Society

Michael Warhurst
Prescott Park Manager 

Larry Yerdon
Strawbery Banke Museum

Rodney Rowland
Strawbery Banke Museum

Ronan Donahue
Warner House

Deb Richards
Warner House

Peggy Lamb
State Street Business Association

Ben Anderson
Prescott Park Arts Festival

Steve Workman
NH Seacoast Greenway

Rose Eppard

Richard Adams
U.S. Marine Corps

Roger Maloof
U.S. Army /Naval Shipyard

Peter Somssich
Portsmouth Democrats /Sustainable Portsmouth

Tom Reinauer
Southern Maine Regional Planning

Gerry Mylroie
Town of Kittery

Holly Roberts
Greater York Chamber of Commerce

Stephanie Oeser
Greater York Chamber of Commerce

Gail Drobnyk

Ben Porter
Save Our Bridges

Bruce Morris

Jon Di Gesu

Bob Thoresen

Tom Decker

Kyle Harrison
Portsmouth Public Schools

Bob Melanson
Kittery Port Authority

Ken Herrick
USS Albacore

Stephan Smith
Piscataqua Productions 

Sara Schoman

Sheila Brooks
Past President, Unit 6 American Legion Auxiliary

Maurice Foster
U.S. Air Force

James Holly
U.S. Navy

Richard “Brooksie” Brooks
President, Central Veterans Council


The committee is also providing advice and guidance on certain project-related issues as required by the MOA. In this capacity, the role is advisory only to the NHDOT. The NHDOT, in consultation with MaineDOT and FHWA, will make all final decisions after very careful consideration of the input from this committee and the general public.

Additionally, the members of this committee have formed four sub-committees. These sub-committees will focus on specific areas to assist the agencies.

Sub-committee 1: Mitigation Fund & Business / Event Promotion

The area of focus is to assist in promoting cultural events and the businesses that may be temporarily impacted by the bridge closure.

Sub-committee 2: Design Features

The area of focus is to provide input on certain design features of the bridge, such as: pedestrian overlooks (also known as belvederes or pedestrian bump-outs), and aesthetic lighting.

Sub-committee 3: Lasting Educational Product

The area of focus is to provide input on a lasting educational product (book or DVD) that will be created by the consultant team and assist in the development public education programs.

Sub-committee 4: Renewable & Sustainable Measures

The area of focus is to provide input and guidance on potential renewable energy / sustainability measures that could be incorporated into the bridge project.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Outreach Advisory Committee

This second advisory committee has been formed to discuss and assist in reviewing the needs of the pedestrian and bicycle community in the Seacoast region on a short-term and long-term approach.

The NHDOT, MaineDOT, and FHWA have begun dialog with this specialized committee as to how hardships from the temporary bridge closure can be further relieved and how pedestrian and bicycle organizations can assist the agencies to reduce and mitigate the impact.

Members of this committee include:  Bike-Walk Alliance of NH, Rockingham County Planning Commission, Bike Maine, COAST, NH Seacoast Greenway, Kittery officials, Portsmouth officials, Granite State Wheelmen and others.

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