Shuttle Service


Summer Shuttle Schedule

* Shuttle 2 runs on Thursday, Friday & Saturday only

Departure Times
Departure Times
5 AM 5:30 AM
6 AM 6:30 AM
7 AM 7:30 AM
8 AM 8:30 AM
9 AM 9:30 AM
10 AM 10:30 AM
11 AM 11:30 AM
Noon 12:30 PM
12:30 PM* 12:30 PM
1 PM 1:00 PM*
1:30 PM* 1:30 PM
2 PM 2:00 PM*
2:30 PM* 2:30 PM
3 PM 3:00 PM*
3:30 PM* 3:30 PM
4 PM 4:00 PM*
4:30 PM* 4:30 PM
5 PM 5:00 PM*
5:30 PM* 5:30 PM
6 PM 6:00 PM*
6:30 PM* 6:30 PM
7 PM 7:00 PM*
7:30 PM* 7:30 PM
8 PM 8:00 PM*
8:30 PM* 8:30 PM
9 PM 9:00 PM*
9:30 PM* 9:30 PM
10 PM 10:00 PM*
10:30 PM* 10:30 PM
11 PM 11:00 PM*
11:30 PM* 11:30 PM
Midnight Midnight*
12:30 AM

* Shuttle 2 times: only runs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

This schedule applies seven days per week and includes holidays.




The shuttle operates 20 hours per day, seven days per week and is free of charge.  Beginning on Friday, May 24, the summer shuttle schedule will begin and  continue until the new Memorial Bridge is open.   This 2nd shuttle will run on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and for a portion of each day.  This 2nd shuttle is in addition to the normal shuttle.      Refer to schedule on the right side of this page for the hours of the 2nd shuttle marked by an asterick (*) that operates on these three days in addition to the regular shuttle.

From Kittery to Portmouth,  the regular shuttle leaves each hour, at the top of the hour, beginning at 5:00 am with the last departure at midnight.   From Portsmouth to Kittery, the regular shuttle leaves each hour, at the bottom of the hour, beginning at 5:30 am with the last departure at 12:30 am.  Refer to the schedule on the right side of this page for the complete listing of departure times.

Please be aware that the travel route of the shuttle will be modified as needed by the driver. The travel route may include Interstate 95 or U.S. Route 1 Bypass (Sarah Mildred Long Bridge).

Refer to the enclosed shuttle route map and the location of the two shuttle stops.

View Shuttle Map

The travel route depends on several factors such as: time of day, traffic, accidents, weather, and time of year. The goal of the shuttle driver is to get you to the other side of the river, quickly and safely. Shuttle capacity is 12 passengers with a seven-bike rack (load time is one minute per bike) and can accommodate two-wheel chairs (load time is five – nine minutes per chair).


The shuttle service will run for 20 hours per day beginning at 5 a.m. and continuing to 1 a.m.   The shuttle has a rack for up to seven bicycles.

Beginning in Kittery, ME at 5 a.m., the pickup location is just north of Warren’s Restaurant on Water Street. The shuttle will be in Kittery on every hour up until midnight, which is the last scheduled pickup.

Beginning in Portsmouth, NH at 5:30 a.m., the pickup location will be at the corner of Daniel Street and Bow Street. The shuttle will be in Portsmouth every hour on the half hour until the final pickup is made at 12:30 a.m., dropping off in Kittery by 1 a.m. The shuttle will then resume four hours later in Kittery and the schedule will be repeated.

Shuttle Policies

Please fasten your seat belts. There is no cost to ride the shuttle. Open food, open beverages, and smoking are prohibited. Pets are not allowed, unless necessary due to a disability. No child under the age of 12 may travel without an adult companion.   The shuttle driver is only allowed to stop at the pick up/drop off locations.  No other stops can be made.

The Purpose and Intent of the Shuttle Service

During the approximately 18 months that the Memorial Bridge is being replaced, it is recognized that this creates hardship to those pedestrians and bicyclists who depend on the bridge crossing as their primary means to get between Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, ME. The goal of the shuttle service is to mitigate this hardship.

The purpose and intent of the shuttle service is to provide a reasonable, alternative method of transportation while the Memorial Bridge is closed for those who have no other means of crossing the river. It is intended to serve this basic need. The general users of the Memorial Bridge are encouraged to seek alternative means and routes whenever possible. The objective of the overall bridge replacement project is to replace and open the new bridge as quickly as possible to minimize closure time.

The shuttle is starting with a basic level of service for this anticipated basic need. The demand is monitored daily, the service is continually evaluated and may be modified at the discretion of the NHDOT and MaineDOT.


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