Bridge Pier Model

The tidal turbine deployment platform was modeled to investigate the wave and current forces that the platform will experience. The platform was scaled to 1/13th of the actual size so that it could be tested in the UNH Tow and Wave Tank. To simulate the flow around the platform a model of the Memorial Bridge pier was also created. The pier model is 3 feet tall, almost 6 feet long, and weighs 170 pounds. Load cells are used to measure the forces on the platform from currents and waves replicated by the UNH Tow and Wave Tank. The model has the ability to rotate and move vertically so that different current directions and tidal heights can be tested.


This image shows the research team, consisting of Professors, Graduate students, and undergraduate students, that constructed the model of the bridge pier and turbine platform.


To test the forces that are applied to the platform, it was placed in the tow tank to simulate currents of the Piscataqua River.


This image shows the entire set-up of the bridge pier and turbine platform models.

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